Manuraj Shunmugasundaram

The writer, a lawyer, is a spokesperson of the DMK.

Articles By Manuraj Shunmugasundaram

Should TN governor be removed for his over-reach?

The Supreme Court, in B.P.Singhal vs Union of India, 2010, has reaffirmed the grounds in which a Governor may be removed by the President. One such ground is “behaviour unbecoming of a Governor”.

Towards a southern brotherhood

The rising discontent in South India could revive the idea of Dravidian Cooperation once articulated by DMK founder Annadurai.

Follow the money

Asset recovery is more important than finding and arresting the bank scam accused

India or Hindia?

Question posed by DMK president Karunanidhi acquires renewed urgency

Can 2G ‘scam’ architects BJP & ADMK speak with authority now?

Take Kanimozhi. Her son was 11 years old when she the case started, she had to be in Delhi for day-to-day trial over the last 7 years. Who will give back her the time she lost in the process.

In past year, Tamil Nadu has seen OPS, EPS and is now on UPS

The state is burning. The issues of GST, UDAY, NEET, Food Security Act, agrarian crisis, industrial slump and the imposition of Hindi are driving its people up the wall.

A century of reform

The Dravidian movement has left its progressive imprint on Tamil Nadu.

When the seas part

India needs to build legal expertise to press its case in international maritime disputes

Beyond life and death

This is the second time that the state Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has played this move, in what seems to be a larger game of political chess.

Reining In The Bulls

A strictly regulated and independently audited jallikattu is the way to go.