Manish Sabharwal

The writer is chairman, Teamlease Services.

Articles By Manish Sabharwal

The steel frame has become a cage. A $10-trillion economy needs deep civil service reform

The current economic slowdown is short-term pain for long-term gain because of overdue medicine.

For Naya Kashmir

Kashmiris have been let down by a politics that doesn’t create economic opportunity.

Justice, law and change

India’s policy choices around bankruptcy represent a rupture with the past. But there is work yet to be done

The only mantra

Policy must pray to one god — formal jobs.

Deals to rules

India’s bad loan policy is finally moving in the right direction.

It’s a wage crisis

India’s challenge is creating a complex ecosystem of high-productivity firms.

Diagnosing the job crisis

The regulatory framework that has choked MSMEs has contributed to farm crisis and quota demands.

Ludo vs Snakes & Ladders

Ease of doing business is more like Ludo. The detailed incremental improvements must be celebrated.

Bank as a trustee

It’s not a passing shower but climate change for banks. About time.

Accountable & adventurous

State must be both — to tackle both corruption and poverty. Political parties must stop fighting yesterday’s wars

The virtues of formality

A massive enterprise formalisation is taking place, and one year of GST has given the process a boost.

How knowing English helps

Delhi’s move to introduce spoken English lessons for govt school students taps into a long-felt desire.

Signals from a bankruptcy

The Bhushan case is a brick in the wall of a new corporate meritocracy where rule of law matters.

Karl Marx: Evaluating the long shadow

We should judge Karl Marx not by his intentions but by the outcomes.

The great bank fiddle

Bankers’ demands for accounting forbearance are dangerous and self-serving.

Changing our stories

New India’s challenge is thinking about the future with economic stories that don’t ignore or glorify the past.

Moving from jobs to wages

A budget that does not believe that in the long run we are all dead.

Reveal, recognise, resolve

Gap between global banks and Indian banks on bad loan recovery is set to narrow

Aiming high, looking far

Five ways in which demonetisation made India a better habitat for formal job creation

Good news on bad loans

Relationship between entrepreneurs, banks, bankruptcy is being reworked to end culture of impunity.