Maneck Davar

The writer, as a student, worked for the Janata Party in the 1977 elections that followed the Emergency

Articles By Maneck Davar

The irrepressible life of Ram Jethmalani, who bent convention at every stage

Ram Jethmalani defied and abhorred compartmentalisation. He wasn’t just an eminent counsel practising at all levels of the Indian judiciary, from the magistrate’s court to the Supreme Court, he was also an advocate of public causes and a politician of eminence.

When investigation is intimidation

Investigative adventurism by enforcement agencies hampers ease of business.

The darkest hour

Emergency was an attack on democracy. Let’s not evoke it lightly

The man in the black robe

When I asked Sarosh later at a family function if this was indeed true, he nodded, smiled wistfully and said, “You know I have no friends.”