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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Madhu Trehan

The writer is editor-in-chief,

People took advantage of Astad Deboo’s talent, decency
Wed, Dec 16, 2020

A friend like Astad Deboo can happen only once in your life. A relationship like that can happen only once in a lifetime. How does one come to terms that it could only last as long as his lifetime?

The camaraderie Isher Ahluwalia shared with women was rich and fulfilling.
Mon, Oct 05, 2020

By gifting her book to the world, she bequeathed her strength to all those who loved her to hang on to. A woman’s woman. Isher was that. Tat Tvam Asi. Thou art that.

Tremors at the Palace Gates
Thu, Jul 16, 2020

The neglected and suffering are no longer in a mood of submission to their kismat and karma. It is a matter of essential rights.

Why the lockdown is PM Modi’s Sophie’s Choice
Sat, Mar 28, 2020

PM Narendra Modi has always shown awareness of the poor and underprivileged, even if it is for the vote bank. In this decision, he has chosen to ignore vote bank politics.

Janata curfew: PM Modi has taken on the Herculean task of convincing us to follow rules
Sat, Mar 21, 2020

Now, Modi has demanded a behaviour change from us in reference to social distancing in his call for a “janata curfew” on March 22. His second move, asking the nation to clap together, is to demand that we function in unison in a disciplined manner.

Raj McCarthy
Sat, Oct 29, 2016

We walk in fear of one another. It has happened before.

And everyone loves censorship
Tue, Feb 02, 2016

Or so it seemed, at a session at the Jaipur Lit Fest

A people in despair,a government in wonderland
Sat, Jul 27, 2013

Why the UPA’s defence of its record rings hollow

Bending over backwards
Wed, Aug 22, 2012

The Mumbai police’s response to the Azad Maidan violence touches off a question: Is the law to be adjusted according to the religion of the miscreant?

Portrait of a revolutionary as a young woman
Sat, Jan 15, 2005

Pentimento — in art, the reappearance in an oil painting of original elements of drawing or painting that the artist tried to obliterat...

The match was played, but hearts were won
Thu, Mar 25, 2004

The future arrives of its own accord; progress does not. — Poul Henningsen, Danish designer and social critic India-Pakistan match in ...