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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Madan Sabnavis

The writer is chief economist, CARE Ratings. Views are personal

How to read the state of the economy
Sat, Aug 28, 2021

Madan Sabnavis writes: A few different factors must be kept in mind. And beware of any big growth numbers being interpreted as indicative of recovery.

Growth will trend upwards in 2021. But it will need to be interpreted with caution 
Mon, Feb 22, 2021

Growth has to be driven by two engines — consumption and investment — this was our Achilles heel probably even before the pandemic set in.

Govt can make a difference by altering its stance on fiscal policy, increasing capital spending
Fri, Sep 04, 2020

Two basic factors would influence the assumptions being made on the growth prospects for the coming quarters. The first is the process of “Unlocking”. The second is the possibility of a revival package from the government. 

Unlocking economy in phases poses a major conundrum for government
Wed, Jul 15, 2020

Unlocking also means getting back to a state of normalcy at some time, which will be problematic. From economic package to RBI's moratorium to borrowers, there will be consequences

Centre must loosen purse strings, measures announced by it are unlikely to prop up growth immediately
Tue, Sep 03, 2019

What is definitely missing from the policies announced so far is a direct stimulus in terms of financial outlays from the Centre. This is critical, as the problem is deep on the demand side.

The enduring metal
Sat, Oct 23, 2010

Gold prices will rise as long as the dollar weakens.

An anchor for the choppy seas of life
Wed, Sep 03, 2003

There was a time when one would flaunt one’s work experience; and sporting grey hair lent some credibility to the “number of Diwal...

Don’t call us. We’ll call you…
Thu, Jun 05, 2003

Banking is one sector that has rapidly evolved over the last decade with foreign banks and new private banks offering a different “expe...

How about a Coke or Pepsi XI?
Thu, Feb 13, 2003

Everyone has seen the commercial where Messrs Hooper, Rhodes, Husain and Warne dislocate their limbs in an attempt to get hold of a soft dri...

Cricket and Economics: the twain do meet
Wed, Jan 15, 2003

Cricket and Economics do not appear to have much in common. Cricket is an exciting game that can wake you up in the early hours of morning o...

The economy and I: why we never win
Mon, Dec 09, 2002

The ubiquitous common man must be confused when he views the state of the economy. The RBI/ministry of finance still talks of a 5.5 per cent...

A panic response to drought
Wed, Oct 16, 2002

The official announcement of a drought this year questions the myth that we are no longer vulnerable to the vicissitudes of nature. Growth i...

A better system, not more laws
Mon, Aug 12, 2002

We have a tendency to look at everything as one views a chessboard: black or white. It is the same with the new ordinance that transfers at ...