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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

M. Venkaiah Naidu

The writer is the Vice-President of India.

Second wave is a national challenge that requires all Indians to come together
Fri, May 07, 2021

It is natural for each one of us to become emotionally upset when our friends and relatives suffer or pass away. But, then, let us not be gripped by fear and anger, be swamped by images that breed pessimism and frustration.

We’ve handled Covid well. But we must remain vigilant
Thu, Mar 11, 2021

Awareness, alertness and prompt action will help minimise the threat posed by the virus and save lives as we move forward into the challenges of a post-COVID world.

Mahatma Gandhi’s core values should inspire youth today
Sat, Jan 30, 2021

Let us pause for a moment to rededicate ourselves to the core values which Bapu stood for — most importantly, the need to rise above casteism, communalism, regionalism and provincialism of any kind — and commit ourselves to the ideal of non-violence.

Ram Vilas Paswan endeavoured to harmonise the politics of power and the pursuit of social justice
Sat, Oct 10, 2020

Paswan understood the significance of political power in driving change and making a difference. He was determined to play the game according to the rules and work for change from within.

An emotionally integrated India offers the best defence against both internal and external threats and challenges
Tue, Aug 11, 2020

As we move closer to celebrate the 75 years of our independence, our motto should be — perform or perish. This applies to all individuals and institutions. Realise your strength, build on them and create a united, prosperous India.

To remain globally competitive in a post-Covid world, India needs to focus on skill, scale and speed
Wed, Jul 15, 2020

India has the potential to emerge as the global hub for providing skilled manpower to other nations. We can prove to the world that the 21st century belongs to India through self-belief, dedication and discipline.

The call for self-reliance asks for a pragmatic development strategy to capitalise on India’s inherent strengths
Mon, Jun 08, 2020

As India looks at opening up after four phases of lockdown, it is seeking to find new doors and windows of opportunity.

Social distancing is antithetical to festivals, but it is the only way
Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Almost all religious institutions have now been closed and no religious congregations are being allowed, not only in India but in most of the affected countries around the world. We can win only if we act with wisdom, alacrity and a dispassionate understanding of the preventive actions.

COVID-19 pandemic makes world re-examine interconnection between man and nature
Tue, Apr 07, 2020

Despite rapid scientific and medical advancements, the pandemic has shown how vulnerable and helpless homo sapiens are, even as scientists across the globe are racing against time to save lives by finding an appropriate cure for the severely afflicted and develop a preventive vaccine.

Mother tongue must be the medium of instruction to preserve India’s cultural diversity, heritage
Fri, Nov 22, 2019

The mother tongue lays a strong foundation for the expression of creativity. Every effort must be made to nurture creativity at the formative stage.

Guru Nanak’s teachings provide a road to a better future
Tue, Nov 12, 2019

Guru Nanak was a great champion of equality. For him, the differences and multiple identities based on caste, creed, religion and language were irrelevant.

Both Jaipal and Sushma left an indelible imprint on the national canvas
Sat, Aug 10, 2019

Both Jaipal and Sushma belonged to that group of political leaders who had strong convictions based on their vast knowledge and rich experience.

Let’s strike a balance
Fri, Jun 21, 2019

Around the world, the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health as well as sustainability are being recognised.

Languages and civilisation
Fri, Apr 05, 2019

The need of the hour is to promote, protect and modernise India’s classical languages

Our fitting tribute
Tue, Mar 05, 2019

The National War Memorial is a reminder that our soldiers are the unsung heroes of our democracy. It is incumbent on all citizens to act in a manner that boosts the morale of our armed forces

When terror came to the House
Thu, Dec 13, 2018

December 13 is a day to pay homage to those who were martyred, and to remind ourselves of the need for a united resolve against a common enemy.

He understood the pain of others
Wed, Nov 07, 2018

Gandhi’s vision of service and humanism is relevant across nations and time.

Why Shastri matters today
Tue, Oct 02, 2018

Lal Bahadur Shastri's stress on character and moral strength acquire special significance

Make India Vishwaguru again
Wed, Sep 05, 2018

To reclaim our place as the leader in the realm of education and ideas, we must stop blindly aping the West. We must deepen our understanding of our intellectual heritage.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee only made friends, no enemies
Fri, Aug 17, 2018

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was both tender and tough. It was his ability to stay true to his values and also speak to all sections of society that mesmerised so many.

Swarajya to Surajya
Mon, Jul 23, 2018

To build New India, today’s youth must look back at Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Chandra Shekhar Azad for inspiration.

Lessons from dark times
Mon, Jun 25, 2018

Remembering Emergency: The people must stay at the forefront of protecting democracy.

A new TRP philosophy
Thu, May 03, 2018

Rights and responsibilities must be harmonised for the sake of democracy. It would be appropriate for the media to dedicate itself to the promotion of Truth in a Responsible and Professional manner.

Healthy India, happy India
Sat, Apr 07, 2018

On World Health Day, government must redouble efforts to provide quality healthcare, people must make lifestyle changes.

Speaking in my own tongue
Wed, Feb 21, 2018

A multilingual and multicultural world will be possible only by strengthening individual mother languages.