M J Akbar

The writer is national spokesperson of the BJP.

Articles By M J Akbar

A brief history of democracy

A stable government helps India show the world that freedom and prosperity can travel together

From 1975 to 44

Emergency did not end dynasty in Indian politics. But it kicked off its journey into irrelevance

Narrative of the forked tongue

From Shah Bano to triple talaq, lies and deception are being used to cheat women of rights. It won’t work.

For the Record: For an Islamic modernity

Freedom, knowledge and gender equality have to be its pillars.

Diary Item: Abandoning a kingdom

In football, the English miss the goalposts. In European politics, they miss the point.

Diary Item: The Spartacus of America

Mohammad Ali delighted in the fact that he was beautiful both in his art as well as in his perfectly sculpted body

Comrade Sitaram Yechury’s historic blunder

CPI went into terminal decline when it compromised with the Congress in 1969-1970. In 2016, CPM is being destroyed because it abandoned principle in search of a cheap return ticket to power.

Diary Item: Tales from the battlefront

Men such as Arjan Singh faced death in combat, and death retreated.

The Indian is no longer alone

If grief and anger unite us, so does, when such occasion arises, relief

Diary item: When it’s better to be loved and lost

The great charm of a used book section is rummage, since you don’t know what to expect

Diary item: The birth defect of this century

The most effective ally of terrorism is complacency

Diary Item: Cricket and Benglish in Dhaka

As a captain, Dhoni has matured into half-tailor, half-doctor.

Diary Item: Loathie Garden on Twitter

It lacks editing, the basic requirement of communication. But robots could be doing this soon.

Wisdom in the fog

Trade, political kinship between Arab and Indian worlds has bred an extraordinary lore of legend

Diary item: Bengal’s Burdwan break

This town, with a hint of Punjab and a signature sweet, boasts a calm university campus.

Diary item: Prediction time

But be careful before you celebrate a rosy prediction. The astrologer is always right, but sometimes regrettably so

Diary item: A trip to Matintoli where the government, if visible, walks on tiptoe

Unsurprisingly, the district has the largest migration of young men and women, seeking a solution to despair at any price.

Diary item: Marriage, like democracy

The wooing and winning exhilarates, the tough bit comes later

What Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar won’t say

Why couldn’t Dr Singh visit Pakistan? Why did UPA policy not deliver when he, Khurshid were in charge?

Diary item: Rediscovery of Olga Gray

Good old-fashioned escapist literature beckons. It’s that time of the year