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On the loose: Dress up

Image making, one outfit at a time

On the Loose: Spiel Show

Despite the army fatigues he donned many a times for roles, Deol’s understanding of military strategy is non-existent, and the Opposition quite naturally seized the opportunity to mock his ignorance.

On the Loose: Bag Ladies

The art of luggage layering

On the Loose: When you Wish Upon a Star…

Akshay Kumar’s respectful demeanour was a welcome change, a reminder of what a civilised conversation on TV used to sound like.

On the Loose: Burn Out

There can be a rich life outside of work

On the Loose: Charm Offensive

Hema Malini has inadvertently stumbled onto something when she says that politics and films have a lot in common but it has nothing to do with the slog. Every successful politician is also, like his Bollywood counterpart, a charming and inveterate performer.

Skin Deep

Good skin can also be a guy thing

On the Loose: College Calls

When parents are the problem

On the Loose: The Wheels of Self-Interest

People hold strong opinions online but won’t change a lifestyle for them.

Tycoon Trouble: Lifestyles of the rich and infamous

If there’s one reason to mourn liberalisation in India, it’s what opening up of the economy has done to the wardrobes of the obscenely rich who seem to revel in displaying wealth, literally, on their sleeves.

Facts and Fictions

The dark side of gossip. Hash tagged #verifybeforeyoushare it urged users to think hard whether what they were sending was true, and if it might agitate the receiver reading it.

On the Loose: Deal Breakers

When brands take a stand

On the Loose: Cheers To That

A rapidly growing segment of the society is single. Finally, we can see them on TV .

On the Loose: Life Goals

The wedding party has very little to do with a marriage

When productivity alone is a measure of worth, rest becomes countercultural

There’s a reason that the ritual of an annual holiday found its way into our work lives and it can be traced back to Biblical times. Since the Middle Ages, the Church recognised cessation from work one day a week, as essential to mind, body and spirit.

On the Loose: Cross Purposes

Lessons in etiquette from those in the limelight

On the Loose: Then and Now

The 10-year challenge, more than anything, draws attention to how flawed the conversation around growing old really is.

On the Loose: Nothing Black and White

Two cricketers made us cringe. Don’t read more into it

Time’s Not Up

Where #MeToo infamy has no social consequences.After a PR disaster, it’s worth a shot to try and spin something around what Oscar Wilde once said, ‘every saint has a past and every sinner a future’.

On the loose: Women in uniform

In an interview, Army Chief Bipin Rawat has raised some questions like ---what happens to the children when their moms are posted to remote areas, and more pertinently, are we as a nation, ready to see women return in bodybags?