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On the Loose: Her, Again

False harassment claims are rare and should not be a priority

On the Loose: God’s Plan

When rules are not taken seriously by citizens, does it even make any sense to rely so heavily on citizen participation to create a just society?

On The Loose: Everyone’s a critic

The flying experience is a fast deteriorating one. Queues are longer, leg room shorter and unoccupied space, rarer than ever. Customer feedback will undoubtedly keep India’s airlines on their toes since they stand to lose revenue if their rankings go down.

#MeToo: Exit Clause

The biggest challenge for the MeToo movement is how to clearly identify authentic complaints, from those that lurk in the perpetual grey zone of what constitutes appropriate behaviour in such a disparate population.

Jean therapy: Spinning one’s own yarn is great but wearing it is quite another

Patanjali Paridhan is touted to be an “exclusive one-stop solution showroom”, selling everything from ethnic to formal wear, and more specifically, an original range of “swadeshi” denims.

On the Loose: Mind your Manners

Half the world’s problems would probably vanish the day people stopped dictating to other adults how they should live, and behave.

On the loose: Burning truth

How a choked city killed a beloved festival

Just Say Sorry

Offence is not always the best form of defence.

Netflix addiction: Press Pause

Entertaining ourselves to madness. Human beings are not machines. Binge watching isn’t wild debauchery. Of all the vices it’s possible to succumb to — drugs, alcohol, even copious amounts of food — Netflix is, by far the least problematic.

Men’s world

... the hashtag army is closing in on it

On the Loose: Life in the Slow Lane

Politicians are not that special.

It’s Complicated

The Supreme Court has ruled that the 158-year-old Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code that made adultery a punishable offence only for men, no longer applies

Futile Fame

Setting the obscure records straight. The records that matter, and concern us all are, however, far from triumphant.

On the Loose: Marital Miracle

A marriage course is a good idea

Ode to the Code

Etiquette evolves but basic manners stay the same.

On the Loose: May Day

It's difficult to both, ask for, and accept help. Those lakhs of stranded people in Kerala who have lost homes and livelihoods must also face the frustrating modern conundrum, that not everyone who wants to help, may be permitted to.

On the loose: The Tune Out

No news is good news. But good news is not news.

On the Loose: Club Class

What ‘members only’ means in the new world

Max-d Out

To buy or not to buy.

Prison Break: You don’t have to do the crime to do a little time

The average Indian, who lacks both money and time, is already a prisoner of circumstance and is unlikely to venture into a jail as an enthusiastic vacationer.