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On the Loose: Indecent Proposal

What Kashmiri women want is options other than marriage

Hopeless wanderers

Shame the crude tourist into behaving

Travel smart, pack light

Packing is one of those chores that seems deceptively simple but it’s a skill that most of humanity doesn’t appear to have. Even seasoned travellers end up carrying a mind-boggling array of stuff they don’t use.

On the Loose: Skin Deep

An app opens a conversation on the ravages of time

On the Loose: Chasing Happiness

The flawed but essential plan to solve inner angst

Rules of Civility

Instead of moral policing, if India had a culture of policing manners and etiquette, Kangana Ranaut would deserve a life sentence—without bail.

The Birkin signals you are somebody or Hermes wouldn’t be selling you the bag

Conservation is a collective responsibility and it’s unclear how Ms Ambani’s purchase of the Birkin deserves more flak than everybody else.

Graduation Day is to celebrate students, not build ‘Indian’ pride

In these times, one should be grateful that (so far) we’re not receiving notices at home ordering us to cut a laddoo on our birthdays instead of cakes. Because that too is a Western-style celebration that could be questioned.

On the loose: Coming Apart

In India, divorce is harder on women. The law recognises that.

On the Loose: True Blue

Why we wear what we wear.

Ladies Rights

The rare times when women are the beneficiaries of sexism

Us and Them

The posh liberals of India actually don’t count so much

On the loose: Dress up

Image making, one outfit at a time

On the Loose: Spiel Show

Despite the army fatigues he donned many a times for roles, Deol’s understanding of military strategy is non-existent, and the Opposition quite naturally seized the opportunity to mock his ignorance.

On the Loose: Bag Ladies

The art of luggage layering

On the Loose: When you Wish Upon a Star…

Akshay Kumar’s respectful demeanour was a welcome change, a reminder of what a civilised conversation on TV used to sound like.

On the Loose: Burn Out

There can be a rich life outside of work

On the Loose: Charm Offensive

Hema Malini has inadvertently stumbled onto something when she says that politics and films have a lot in common but it has nothing to do with the slog. Every successful politician is also, like his Bollywood counterpart, a charming and inveterate performer.

Skin Deep

Good skin can also be a guy thing

On the Loose: College Calls

When parents are the problem