Lavanya Rajamani

The writer is professor, Centre for Policy Research, Delhi

Articles By Lavanya Rajamani

New rules on the block

Katowice climate negotiations have yielded a disciplined rulebook for future. It’s now time to deliver.

Paris to Katowice

Nations have the opportunity at Katowice to negotiate a robust rulebook to encourage ambitious climate actions

Shaping the deal in Bonn

To effectively participate in the post-Paris climate negotiations, India must first ratify the Paris agreement

Paris triumph

The climate agreement strikes a fine balance between ambition, differentiation and finance

The Climate In Bonn

India needs to revisit its position, nuance it, for a meaningful outcome.

A modest victory

Lima Call for Climate Action will stand countries in good stead in Paris.

Turning up the heat in Lima

India must sieze this moment to set the agenda for the 2015 climate agreement.

Halfway between Durban and Paris

India must wield the equity principle to shape the climate agenda,not to guard against mitigation commitments.

Deconstructing Durban

So far,India has used ‘equity’ as a shield to avoid committing to emissions cuts. Now,it must use it as a sword to shape the climate agenda

The Durban dictionary

Why India must not resist the call for a legally binding instrument to bring together mitigation efforts,the issue that will dominate the Durban conference on climate change

European Union,climate action hero?

Europe loses its patience with slow multilateral climate talks — and tries to regulate all airlines,even non-European ones.

The can-can’t at Cancun

Despite US intransigence,there was minor progress for developing countries