Kunal Ray

The writer teaches literary and cultural studies at Pune’s Flame University.

Articles By Kunal Ray

Vetri Maaran’s ‘Asuran’ shows the power of images to go where words cannot

Asuran deals with caste oppression and social injustice. The visuals convey a searing reality that is most potent and penetrative. In such a case, language or dialogue is perhaps a shortcoming in itself.

Writer who was a listener

Kiran Nagarkar’s oeuvre owes much to his interest in people and their stories

There cannot be a single story for layered narratives in a time of trauma

Large parts of the country are adversely affected by floods while some still continue to languish in water scarcity. Kashmir is back in public discourse, and how. In such anguishing times, I often think about the role of writing. Does writing really help?

The teacher I never had..

Aniket Jaaware was a cult and that too a difficult one to decipher.

Blinded by Andhadhun

Celebration of the thriller points to a hunger for new narratives in Hindi cinema