Komail Aijazuddin

Aijazuddin is a Lahore-based writer and artist.

Articles By Komail Aijazuddin

Valentine’s Day: Ours confusingly

As South Asia gingerly approaches another Valentine’s Day

See You Elsewhere

Leaders of India, Pakistan seem to get on better when abroad than at home.

The War of the Poses

India and Pakistan are seriously in need of couples conselling.

Waar and peace

A Pakistani blockbuster with mountains,terrorists and RAW agents who like to dance

Pakistan 2.0

There were glitches,and false tsunamis. And wicked ironies in the results.

PPP and Baby B

In Pakistan,conspiracy theories are often less surprising than the truth

Literature and longing in Lahore

The Lahore Literary Festival was a watershed moment. Now that it’s over,the energy and intensity it conjured have nowhere to go

Offence is easy

But blasphemy,which involves taking offence on someone else’s behalf,is a bewildering concept

A bird,a plane,an ostrich

Samosa prices,avian classifications and the London Games are keeping Pakistan’s court and assembly distracted

It’s all in the name

The unfortunate Surjeet-Sarabjeet mess was created by TV news,but India’s unfamiliarity with Pakistan can produce some hilarious errors