Kirit Parikh

The writer is former member, Planning Commission, and chairman, Integrated Research and Action for Development

Articles By Kirit Parikh

Govt’s scheme to pay Rs 6,000 to poor rural households will up their expenditure, reduce poverty

The annual benefit of Rs 6,000 will provide the household some cushion against unexpected expenditure due to illness or accidents, which pushes many people to the margins of the poverty line — at times, even below it.

The oil & rupee problem

A balanced approach can reduce petrol price without affecting revenues. RBI mustn’t artificially shore up rupee

Farm solutions for Delhi air

Bans and fines can’t stop stubble burning. Build a market for straw and it will be gathered and used

Take reform to fuel

Prices of petrol and diesel will come down if states agree on a mechanism to levy GST for oil products

Why we need nuclear power

Solar power may be price competitive, but it is subject to vagaries of weather

Odd-even programme is no long-term solution to pollution

It can only be the beginning of the search for one.

An ‘A’ for ambition

There are several good proposals in Budget 2016. Government’s ability to raise resources for the proposed programmes will depend on the growth of the economy.

Delhi can deal with pollution

The Aam Aadmi Party’s strategy is a good one for some immediate relief. However, it must initiate action on all the other measures now.

A different social justice

Disprivilege and backwardness can be addressed without resort to fixed quotas

Do the smart thing

Planned cities must be flexible enough to evolve as needs and aspirations change.

Be ambitious at Lima

Larger promises of emissions reduction would benefit India. But any agreement must also be fair.

Coal and punishment

SC order was sweeping. Now government must denationalise coal.

100 days of summer

New government has no time to waste if it is to instil confidence that it is working to improve people’s well being.

100 day challenge

What the new government should do to spur economic and industrial growth.

India’s low-carbon growth strategy

Rich countries must stop lecturing developing countries and accelerate their own efforts to cut emissions