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Have you tasted air? Dive into Daulat ki chaat

Foam in the Mouth: The phrase, “hint of”, is often used in recipe books, but rarely does a dish do justice to this usage. Daulat ki chaat is one such dish.

The magic of the tandoor

How the tandoor has been a great caste leveller.

Eat, Pray, Love

The fragrance of festivity and mutton curry.

Eat, Pray, Love

The fragrance of festivity and mutton curry.

Bon Appétit! Head Start

Why the fish head gets pride of place in Bengali kitchens.

Bihar encephalitis deaths: Central team says heat wave key factor in outbreak

AES is an umbrella term for infections that cause swelling in the brain. Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, East Champaran, Sheohar and Sitamarhi were the worst-hit districts this time.

The English language’s absolute lack of creativity in naming fruits

On the odd English names of many tropical fruits.

The spongy goodness of rosogolla

On childhood memories of the much-loved Bengali sweet.

Bon Appetit! The simple pleasures of khichdi

A steaming bowl of khichdi comforts — and cures.

Bon Appetit! Drops from Heaven

The one-upmanship between the two communities manifested in the two favourite preoccupations of Bengalis: food and football.

A brave new world

An extraordinary debut novel that moves seamlessly between myth, history, and reportage

KS Komireddi’s book on brief history of India raises important questions even if it doesn’t address them

In its first part, Malevolent Republic asks a difficult question? Can dynastism and authoritarianism be traced to the times when the country was at its democratic best? Komireddi does not absolve India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru in this respect.

The tart delight of summers: The remarkable versatility of raw mango

The joys — pickled and pulped — of unripe mangoes.

The sugar syrup-coated orange whorls of delight

A date with jalebis during Ramzan in Mumbai.

Bon Appetit! The greatest virtues of the humble potato

The humble potato, which absorbs all flavours and lifts any dish, is best served mashed.

The invisible djinns in our food

No season lends itself better to fermented food than summer. As modern science re-emphasises the wisdom inherent in fermented food, one of the oldest kitchen techniques seems to be making a comeback.

Spread the joy: The many-splendoured nature of chutney

Sweet, sour or spicy — chutneys and relishes can uplift the most mundane, dispiriting meals.

From My Grandmother’s Kitchen

Rice dishes struck a chord with her, especially tehri.

The vastly misunderstood condition of gluttony

Gluttony isn’t a sin. Surplus eating and leftovers can, in fact, stimulate production.

The infinite importance of the ‘kick’ of mustard oil

There’s only one way to tame mustard oil — with deference.