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All it takes to welcome seasons is food and family

In the predominantly Punjabi neighbourhood where we spent most of our childhood, the festivities would be announced with drumbeats and bonfires into which peanuts and popcorn were thrown in as ritual oblation. But, for long, we did not really know what the fervour was all about.

If the Heart Says So: Can there be a Christmas meal without cake?

Can there be a Christmas meal without cake? The Christmas meal is among the rare times in the year when the extended family meet at the dinner table.

What’s Cooking? To know more about food is to know more about life

A dish is much more than a perfect combination of ingredients acted upon by fire, it is also to do with memories,  history and geography.

Easier Said than Done book review: Love of the Game

In his autobiography, Alan Wilkins explores the changing face of cricket with empathy and self-deprecating humour

Why Muhammad Ali Jinnah still provokes

Indian society lives in the shadow of Partition even today. The search for the “real culprits” behind the division of India continues. And prima facie, Jinnah seems to fit the bill.

In Good Faith: Lives of others

Moral desirability of organ donation must be balanced against the coercion that altruism usually carries in unequal societies.

Sweet somethings

Whether in Bengal or Odisha, the rosogolla is a product of artisanal inventiveness. An authenticity debate, a GI tag, spoil the taste.

Gold In The Pot

Khichdi fans are legion — from Mughal emperor Aurangzeb to Michelin-star chefs

Mr Pati, My Teacher

Pati did not just share his love for history, he also drew many of us into his passion for a more humane society — in his case, the two were perhaps inextricable. His affability sometimes showed up in unexpected ways.

Once upon a river

Ganga and Yamuna are legal persons now. What does this mean for these cesspools of pollutants, still revered by people, but which have lost any connect to their lived experiences?

While the city burned

Examining the state’s shameful record in the 1989 Bhagalpur and 2002 Gujarat riots

A Cup For Everyone

A riveting account of a beverage that originated in China and Japan and went on to become a global favourite

Book review: How Food Makes Us Human

Taste is inextricable from ideologies and imaginations — it raises important questions about culture, power, hierarchy, gender relations, ecology and nutrition