Kaushik Basu

The writer is C. Marks Professor at Cornell University and former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, World Bank.

Articles By Kaushik Basu

Economic Graffiti: The anti-argumentative Indian

More disappointing than the attacks on Amartya Sen is that leaders in government have not countered the chant of abusive trolls.

Economic Graffiti: An evening in Florence

In one of the cradles of civilisation, the joys of travel are revealed in its artefacts, people and the traveller’s faux pas.

In Good Faith: A journey, an education

Travelling in rural Bengal, Jharkhand I saw a village school at the cutting edge, and met ordinary people distressed by political cults of a hate-filled Hinduism.

Economic Graffiti: A Hinduism more tolerant

At the Ramakrishna Mission complex in Kolkata, a different face of the religion is visible from what is propagated by Hindutva

Economic Graffiti: The angry intellectual

One of the finest minds of our times, Ashok Mitra was anguished by poverty and inequality. His anger sometimes led him to make mistakes.

Economic Graffiti: Why morality matters to economics

To deal with corruption, it is not enough to just get fiscal policies right. It is in our collective long-term interest to nurture individual values.

Economic Graffiti: In the name of education

There is an impressive increase in school enrollment levels across the country. But not much thought is being given to what students learn.

Facing the slowdown

India’s economy is not doing well. Only carefully crafted policy reforms can turn it around

Economic Graffiti: The Turin miracle

A magical trip that almost didn’t happen. A moment when disbelief was shaken.

Economic Graffiti: Where India is ahead of China

India’s early investment in secularism, cultural openness, freedom of speech, which made the early years difficult for economic growth, is now in a position to pay off. But all forecasts come with caveats.

Economic Graffiti: A higher opportunity

India can become a global hub for higher education. Much can be achieved without government having to do the heavy lifting

Economic Graffiti: Don’t be cautious, RBI

Central bank should be more aggressive in cutting the repo rate. It must signal that this is the direction it will pursue in the foreseeable future.

Economic Graffiti: Anger isn’t enough

We need to look at corruption through the lens of law, economics and psychology. The design of corruption control mechanisms is important.

Resisting the moral retreat

The noticeable drop in India’s visibility in important global debates should worry us all

Look at the facts of demonetisation, not politics

Six months later, it is clear that it achieved next to nothing, and inflicted a large cost on the poor and the informal sector.

Soft power, harder choices

To extend its global appeal, China is accommodating religion today. India, which invested early in diverse freedoms, should highlight inclusion now

By way of preface

India, and the world, are changing. Our collective responsibility — to make politics and policy more creative — grows more urgent

The Problem of Choice

Former chief economist of the World Bank, Kaushik Basu is Professor of Economics and C. Marks Professor at Cornell University

John Nash: The Shakespeare of economics

In terms of influence on modern economics and game theory, John Nash has few peers.