Karan Singh

The writer is a former Union minister.

Articles By Karan Singh

Climate change and nuclear conflict between India, Pakistan are real dangers. They need to be addressed

The trigger for a major conflict lies clearly in Pakistan, and this should be made clear to them through diplomatic channels. Meanwhile, our own hyper-triumphalism should not propel us in a direction that would directly lead to a conflict.

Five Sutras For 2018

The holistic philosophy of Vedanta is urgently needed at this critical juncture

End of an ideal

Brexit militates against the spirit of human oneness.

A Suitable Secularism

It needs to be reinterpreted for a new time.

Had it not been for Sardar Patel

The nation will remain grateful to him for its peaceful transition from feudalism to democracy

Bollywood,take three

‘Ship of Theseus’,‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ‘The Light’ offer new ways of seeing.

Against the dividend

Beware lazy optimism: we can’t wait for our birthrate to decline by itself....

A judgment for India

The 377 judgment is grounded in logic,law and history