Karan Bhasin

Bhasin is a New Delhi based policy researcher

Articles By Karan Bhasin

The making of history: Modi Econ 2.0 has started with a big bang

Modi Econ 2.0 has started with a big bang — the largest corporate tax cut in world history for new manufacturing firms. Surely this is just the beginning.

Maximise revenue, minimise tax

India has just one policy option to advance private investment and become a $5 trillion economy — reduce corporate tax rate for all firms to 22 per cent, reduce misguided rates of personal income tax.

Rethink poverty — and policy

Given the estimated poverty decline in India between 2011-12 and 2016-17, time has come to change our economic policies — concentrate on what causes growth, not what causes poverty to decline

Why chemistry trumps arithmetic

All indicators lead to the same conclusion: Modi’s BJP recorded a spectacular victory in 2019 due to its provision of inclusive growth — very close to the best in the world in 2014-18

The Great Facebook Heist

Long before users, Silicon Valley saw the value in digital versions of real relationships

Why we need net neutrality

By trying to enforce old paradigms in a new marketplace, carriers will end up on the wrong side of history.