Kapil Sibal

The writer, a senior Congress leader, is a former Union minister.

Articles By Kapil Sibal

Changing times: The musclemen of new India are crushing old values

The muscleman on the ground kills because he demands obedience to his beliefs. The muscleman in the university targets faculties who disagree with the new norm. The muscleman in court tries to dictate to the judge: This is an era of musclemen and the rule of law has little value.

Arun Jaitley: My friend, my opponent

Jaitley lived and breathed politics. As Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, he showed himself to be a thinker who understood issues confronting our nation. As minister, he mastered intricacies of several portfolios.

Coalitions allow a diversity of voices to be heard, keep fundamentalism at bay

It is my belief that coalition politics helps different interest groups to be heard. It allows policies to evolve, seeking to serve multifarious needs. We have to evolve from an illiberal mindset based on patronage to one which is tolerant and inclusive.

Emotive national security issues being raked up in face of failures on development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s thematic refrain is to use India’s alleged muscular response in Balakot for electoral gains. The reasons, including the attendant intelligence failure, for the tragic death of over 40 CRPF jawans at Pulwama can await electoral outcomes.

Show us the paradigm shift

Instead of spewing vitriol, PM must answer questions on national security

Parliament is in decline due to absence of dialogue

There is no worthwhile dialogue between the treasury benches and the Opposition. Procedures and customs have been ignored by the government and bureaucracy finds itself squeezed.

On Rafale, facts a casualty

Supreme Court judgment has not settled the issue. In fact, it has raised more questions than it has answered.

Rulers of law

Today, institutions speak not for the rule of law, but for those who rule, unconcerned with the law.

What the majority missed

Aadhaar judgment makes a disturbing distinction between the rights of the privileged and the poor.

Reform that isn’t

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code showcases an NDA syndrome: Policies implemented without analysis.

The quality of justice

Justice Gogoi is right. The union of judiciary with executive is the greatest danger to democracy

Choreography of a break-up

It was scripted into coming together of BJP with PDP. In run-up to 2019, polarised J&K will add fuel to BJP fire.

His choice, his misstep

Pranab Mukherjee’s decision to address RSS meet in Nagpur need not perturb the Congress. He did not go there as a representative of the party.

What a governor must do

Kapil Sibal writes: Supreme Court must now address itself to protecting the institution from political machinations.

Look, who is talking about diminishing the authority of the judiciary

The suggestion that the Opposition is playing politics is laughable. The truth is the government is playing politics to ensure that there is no inquiry that will embarrass them.

Failing the law

In the last four years, the legal process has been turned into an instrument of oppression, threatening the principles of our republic.

A scam, the deeper rot

Politician-business-banker nexus makes bank lendings prone to corruption.

A mirage called equality

Wide disparities and shrinking freedoms mark the arduous journey of the republic.

A judicious warning

The Chief Justice of India is the Master of the Roster. He must also be accountable

Conspiracy of circumstances

With 2G verdict, Congress may claim a moral victory but it cannot get back what it lost.