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Monday, May 16, 2022

Kalaiyarasan A

Kalaiyarasan is assistant professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai

The challenges before the Dravidian model of development
Mon, Jun 14, 2021

The Tamil Nadu model delivers growth with equity, but is under threat from increasing centralisation of powers in the Union government and erosion of policy autonomy

Minority report: Polarisation in the Bengal polls could have repercussions for the state’s politics
Fri, Apr 16, 2021

The ongoing elections acquire significance not only because they may define the state and the country’s future, but the limits of the BJP and its Hindutva juggernaut could also be tested

Lower castes in Bihar have got political power, not economic progress
Thu, Nov 05, 2020

The post-Mandal rise of the Yadavs was confined to the electoral domain; it did not have much impact on their socio-economic status

Reservation is being undermined by privatisation push and decline in political clout of backward castes
Sun, Nov 08, 2020

The judiciary has contributed to the erosion of the reservation system in different ways during the last two years.

On socio-economic indicators, Muslim youth fare worse than SCs and OBCs
Fri, Nov 01, 2019

The percentage of youth who are currently enrolled in educational institutions is the lowest among Muslims. Only 39% of the community in the age group of 15-24 are enrolled against 44% for SCs, 51% for Hindu OBCs and 59% for Hindu upper castes.

Quota, old plus new
Sat, Mar 02, 2019

There are substantial inequalities even within Dalits. In addition to the 15 per cent quota, the community should also have reservation based on socioeconomic criteria.

Quota and bad faith
Mon, Jan 14, 2019

UP government’s bid to revisit reservation model is as debatable as Centre’s move on upper caste quotas

Margins of New India
Tue, Nov 27, 2018

Adivasis in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are doing poorly, economically and educationally.

The myth of appeasement
Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Muslims face rapid socio-economic decline. Yet, any move in their favour is made to look illegitimate

The Karnataka model
Thu, Mar 08, 2018

The state offers an alternative trajectory based on growth, and closing of social, religious gaps.

Anxieties of the dominant
Wed, Jan 03, 2018

At the root of the insecurities of Marathas, Jats and Patels lies lack of education and employability

Alienation of the Patels
Wed, Oct 25, 2017

Will they vote as a caste bloc in Gujarat, or will class play a role — for BJP, that’s the question

Quota is the wrong answer
Wed, May 03, 2017

Marathas in Maharashtra experience a sense of relative deprivation. Reservation is not the solution

Jats in wonderlessland
Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Crisis of Haryana’s dominant castes mirrors India’s challenge: Lack of good jobs.