Kalaiyarasan A

Kalaiyarasan is faculty at Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi

Articles By Kalaiyarasan A

Quota, old plus new

There are substantial inequalities even within Dalits. In addition to the 15 per cent quota, the community should also have reservation based on socioeconomic criteria.

Quota and bad faith

UP government’s bid to revisit reservation model is as debatable as Centre’s move on upper caste quotas

Margins of New India

Adivasis in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are doing poorly, economically and educationally.

The myth of appeasement

Muslims face rapid socio-economic decline. Yet, any move in their favour is made to look illegitimate

The Karnataka model

The state offers an alternative trajectory based on growth, and closing of social, religious gaps.

Anxieties of the dominant

At the root of the insecurities of Marathas, Jats and Patels lies lack of education and employability

Alienation of the Patels

Will they vote as a caste bloc in Gujarat, or will class play a role — for BJP, that’s the question

Quota is the wrong answer

Marathas in Maharashtra experience a sense of relative deprivation. Reservation is not the solution

Jats in wonderlessland

Crisis of Haryana’s dominant castes mirrors India’s challenge: Lack of good jobs.