K. Sujatha Rao

The writer is former Union Health Secretary, Government of India.

Articles By K. Sujatha Rao

Let’s politicise health

It is time the political leadership adopted a zero-tolerance policy to laxity in healthcare.

Healthcare system hanging on hospital insurance without foundation of primary care is unsustainable

Notwithstanding the divergent approaches of the BJP and the Congress to health system development, there is room for ensuring that the elected government adopts a balanced approach based on evidence and sets pathways that will help build, in the long term, a sustainable, equitable and affordable health system.

Insurance, false assurance

Enhancing healthcare access requires reducing supply gaps, not giving vouchers and increasing demand.

Is India ready for NHPS?

National Health Protection Scheme redefines the role of the state — a service provider to the financier. It won’t be easy.

Health tips

Instead of cancelling hospital licences, bring in patient centric laws, institutional capacity to enforce them.