K. Srinath Reddy

The writer is president, Public Health Foundation of India.

Articles By K. Srinath Reddy

Health of a nation

In election season, parties promise universal health care. But it will need to be defined and monitored

What the heart knows

The history of cardiology through stories of daring innovations, painstaking research and chance discoveries.

The health transition

Progress on non-communicable diseases should not be benchmarked against sustainable development goals.

Writing our own exit lines

Supreme Court’s endorsement to the validity of the living will was much needed

Health warning

National Medical Commission Bill needs to be tended to, and improved, not abandoned

States of healthcare

Data from Global Burden of Disease study will help states chart their individual trajectories. They need to strengthen disease monitoring systems

Beyond the lament

Gorakhpur was only the acute manifestation of the chronic malady that ails our health system

How to heal healthcare?

Arun Gadre and Abhay Shukla present a searing critique of various distortions that have converted medicine in to a cynically commercial activity.

A Friendly Force

Research on benign effects of bacteria on nutrition has policy implications.

The post-dengue prognosis

The steady state efficiency of healthcare needs to be raised so that crises like this one can be avoided.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now

It is the pathetic state of the public health system that hits you in the gut, as you read this book.

The primary focus

A national health assurance scheme could start with basic services.

Living with the microbiome

The discovery of trillions of bacteria in our bodies changes our sense of self

The doctor is out

The expectation that they should return is legitimate but it cannot be enforced

Hé Bug-One!

His Excoriating Highness Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus,of flesh-eating fame,glowered at the motley crowd of now muted microbes

Science,sense and sensation

Picking on the superbug’s origins is futile. India should be concerned about antibiotic resistance....

Working for a healthy heart

India lost 9.2 mn potentially productive years of life due to cardiovascular deaths in a year....