K. Shankar Bajpai

The writer is former ambassador to Pakistan, China and the US, and secretary, MEA

Articles By K. Shankar Bajpai

At 90, when I look back

India faces more problems than it is even aware of. More worryingly, the country is unaware of the deficiencies of mechanisms it has devised to serve its needs.

A remarkable public servant

Naresh Chandra was a believer in the capacities of the Indian state, while being aware of its failures.

Living in a glass house

The problem is not the home minister’s SAARC visit. It is the lack of reflection within.

Bad habits return to haunt

The retrogressive tendencies unleashed by the Emergency have gained an upper-hand.

Tashkent syndrome

Unable to apply transformative pressures, subjected to strong external pressures ourselves, we reverted to the status quo ante.

1965, the forgetting

An economically weak, politically bickering and diplomatically bumbling nation is vulnerable.

Nightmare of unreason

Bigotry and irrationality, if not checked, will negate whatever the Modi government achieves.

The foreign policy hand

Brajesh Mishra was the vital link between politics and diplomacy

Knowing what’s good for us

Indian diplomacy is immature and incoherent,a feather for every wind that blows.

The amateurs in charge

The release of Nehru’s letters shows how far we are from learning the real lessons of 1962.

No easy way out

The consequences for India of Af-Pak under ‘good’ Taliban need US attention

Saving Pakistan from itself

Misconceptions that must be discarded before we can make headway