K.P. Shankaran

The writer taught philosophy at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

Articles By K.P. Shankaran

In Good Faith: Gandhi and the varna question

It is easy to cherry-pick from his writings to paint him a racist and anti-Dalit. But Gandhi’s views evolved, reflected his ethical project

Tyranny of the majority

In many ways, Gandhi’s scepticism about representative democracy resonates.

In Good Faith: Ethics for enlightenment

Unlike most religious and spiritual traditions, the Tao-te Ching and Buddhism of the Nikayas places the well-being of all at their core.

In Good Faith: Gandhi’s radical Hinduism

His endeavour was to encourage a creative ‘misreading’ of these texts that would help situate Hinduism on the bedrock of ahimsa and satya.

In Good Faith: How philosophy became impractical

Once upon a time, the love of wisdom was not just something confined to the realm of academia. It was a way of life.