K P Nayar

The writer is a regular participant in Track 1.5 and Track II global dialogues on regional security, in particular on Afghanistan-Pakistan-India engagement

Articles By K P Nayar

Modi government was right to boycott Pakistan National Day celebration in Delhi

Pakistan’s national day receptions held in a hostile environment have not promoted bilateral relations with India. The Modi government has shown realism in calling this spade a spade.

How We Got Here

Bilateral relations between India and the US under two leaders with very different styles of operation

Kuldip Nayar By KP Nayar

I was an unintended beneficiary multiple times of Kuldip Nayar’s fame and reputation because I am his namesake, a Malayali journalist who spells his surname just as Kuldip Nayar did.

Why getting televangelist Zakir Naik back will be an uphill task for India

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Tuesday that Malaysia does not ‘easily follow the demands of others’; and it does not want ‘someone to become a victim’.

Atul Malhari Gotsurve: Delhi’s man in Pyongyang is an IFS officer

The new Indian Ambassador was invited by Kim Yong-nam, President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly on the ninth day of his stay in the country to present his credentials and Gotsurve hit the ground running

No conspiracy on the menu

Without doubt, all these honourable men would have walked out of Aiyar’s dinner if any conspiracy was being hatched on that occasion to influence assembly elections in Gujarat or to anoint any individual Congressman as the choice for chief ministership.