K Natwar Singh

Natwar Singh is a former minister of external affairs.

Articles By K Natwar Singh

A note from Mandela

On his birth centenary, remembering a question asked, an answer to remember.

Nehru boosted my morale, confidence, will never forget gesture, Castro said: Natwar Singh

Fidel Castro had been Chairman of the 6th Summit in 1979 in Havana

The Other Gandhi

Who was Feroze Gandhi? This book has some interesting answers.

Where The Wind Blows

An IAS officer’s memoir of his career and the people he encountered on the way.

How to Make Friends and Influence People

A look at why China and the US need to seek accommodation and not confrontation in their relationship.

A just India, by just means

Nehru wrote history and made it too. But it has been unkind to him.

OK to Clear

Nixon,Indira and India Kalyani Shankar Macmillan India Pages: 443 Rs 445

Reassessing Nehru

As a prime minister,Nehru remains unsurpassed. As a foreign minister,his record is mixed.

‘He had a vision which few civil servants have’

Remembering Gopi Arora,a power in Rajiv’s PMO — and how India’s détente with China wouldn’t have happened without him....

Neighbourhood in turmoil

The next government must focus its energy on the SAARC region