Jyoti Punwani

The writer is a Mumbai-based freelance journalist.

Articles By Jyoti Punwani

India Versus Bharat

Electoral compromises of BJP indicate that idea of India has prevailed over Bharat

In Varanasi, it is farmers and a soldier that are challenging the PM

Who could have imagined that some day, it would be a jawan and a kisan who would challenge the prime minister in a Lok Sabha election! A pliant Election Commission has eliminated the jawan from the competition; it hasn’t yet managed to get rid of the kisan.

Even when a police officer is killed by Hindus, it is minorities that face the brunt

Going by the record, it would appear that when the perpetrators of the violence are minorities, the process of justice is swift. When they form part of organised Hindu militant groups, the fabled long arm of the law barely moves.

Telling a new story

Correcting falsehood and bigotry in school textbooks should be a priority in Rajasthan

In Mumbai, hope from Hashimpura

For 15 years, the Maharashtra government has done its best to shield policemen accused in the custodial death of Khwaja Yunus.

List of Innocents

Why governments hesitate to withdraw cases when the accused are Muslims

The Forgotten Riot

There is no clamour for justice in Mumbai 1992 riots since it can’t be used politically

Identities That Matter

Language and religion dominate voter preferences in Mumbai’s municipal elections

Trials By Terror

The vulnerable often face fake charges, leaving them to fight state might alone.

In A Category Of His Own

Court has been remarkably kind to DGP Rathore, who was convicted of sexual assault.

Let’s reclaim faith

When Babu Bajrangi boasted that he felt like Rana Pratap as he killed Ehsan Jafri, most Hindus felt sick.

A way out of alienation

The Maharashtra assembly election has again proved that Muslims do not vote as a block

Not dancing to VHP tune

In Gujarat, as always, Muslims were present at garbas as organisers, entertainers and participants.

Murder he wrote

Ibrahim Rahimtulla has a direct interest in the findings of the Justice M.S. Liberhan Commission.

Helped by the enemy of an enemy

In Mumbai,the Congress win was on the back of the MNS

Sweet Karachi

Raj Thackeray can erase shop signs. He can’t erase Sindhi memory