Julio Ribeiro

The writer, a retired  IPS officer, was Mumbai  police commissioner,  DGP Gujarat and DGP Punjab, and is a former Indian ambassador to Romania.

Articles By Julio Ribeiro

BJP is veering away from the political philosophy and ethics it promised to uphold

In my own tiny state of Goa, I am disillusioned by the fact that the BJP has induced 10 MLAs of the Congress party to crossover to their party in one fell swoop. If this is not unethical, I wonder what is.

The fake news is correct

Constant tall claims by BJP detract from the positives of the government

I grieve for my men

But having led Punjab Police in fight against terrorism, I can say that strong-arm tactics alone will not work

History headline: Who gains if Punjab peace disturbed?

The dream of Indian-origin people in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Germany to have an independent state of Khalistan is however not shared by those they have left behind in the country where their forebears were born.

Politics and punishment

Movement on cases involving Sanatan Sanstha is welcome, must be taken forward

Bhai Vaidya was of a different mould

"Bhai Vaidya is dead. He was made of different stuff from the politicians of today and even the majority of politicians of his day," writes Julio Ribeiro.

Panchkula everywhere

Because police in India today are not expected to uphold the rule of law, but the rule of the party in power

KPS Gill was the best operations man: Julio Ribeiro

KPS had an imposing physical presence; he was tall and handsome.

The majority complex

The minority may be forced to reconcile to being second-class citizens. But will the majority enjoy a better life if the rule of law is forsaken by those mandated to uphold it?

A chief minister’s own goal

By brokering a face-saver for MNS, Devendra Fadnavis has shown himself as a CM afraid of a bully

Angered By The Gau Rakshak

Now PM must apply the same principle to all crime — including communal crime

Disarmed by Rajan

Surviving officers of the 1953 batch of the Indian Police Service consider Raghuram Rajan as one of their own. When he was appointed governor of the Reserve Bank, we were overjoyed. When he appeared on television to explain his decisions, we listened intently. When his integrity was questioned by the BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, we […]

Malegaon blasts case shows that Hindutva forces are succeeding in widening Hindu-Muslim divide, writes Julio Ribeiro

Karkare is not alive to defend himself against all the forces that have been unleashed against him in his absence

BJP’s handling of JNU row will backfire like Shah Banoo case did on Congress

The Shah Banoo decision shocked the conscience of all liberal minded Indians. The Hindu right, of course, gained enormously.

Lament of an anti-national

Send Delhi’s nationalist lawyers to the Kashmir front to do some real soldiering.

The life & death of Ravindra Patil

He was the constable who became Salman Khan’s bodyguard. Mumbai Police must reflect on his story.

Politics of beef: Modi’s ‘sabka saath’ vision scuttled by extremists from among his own followers

All of you who got to see the IAF Corporal, Mohd. Sartaj, on television Sunday evening are bound to be moved by his level-headed equanimity, courage under adversity and lack of any anger or ill-will despite being wronged, horribly wronged. Sartaj is the elder of the two sons of Mohd. Akhlaq who was lynched to […]

The Whim Of Mr Fadnavis

Rakesh Maria’s removal further undermines the morale of Mumbai Police.

Julio Ribeiro’s blog: IPS officer Pankaj Choudhary’s transfer should not surprise

I am surprised that he should not have expected the government to frown on his decision to prosecute the VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders of Bundi who had been arrested by him and charged for fermenting a communal riot in the town.

Silencing Teesta Setalvad

The courts must step in when governments persecute individuals like Setalvad.