Jayati Ghosh

Jayati Ghosh is professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Articles By Jayati Ghosh

There is a way to deliver a minimum income guarantee — but Congress hasn’t found it

Instead of embarking on a massive administrative exercise with uncertain benefits, it is possible to think of another combination of public interventions that would actually ensure minimum income to a much larger proportion of the population.

Delay in release of official statistics has dire consequences for addressing job crisis

It is counterproductive even for the government because effective policy-making requires proper knowledge of existing conditions and problems.

Where’s the money, Mr Jaitley?

There are grand promises. But the actual increases in budgetary outlays are shockingly low.

Politically opportune data

GDP estimates are advance figures, but by the time they are revised only staid economists will be interested in them

Will we miss the budget opportunity?

Post-demonetisation, a reversal of the slowdown would require enhanced public spending. It doesn’t appear to be forthcoming.

The majority at the margins

Protests by the people against inequality are producing governments that move exactly in the opposite direction

Withdrawing the lifeline

At a time of extreme rural distress, the Centre is violating the basic provisions of the employment guarantee act

Hype and reality

The budget recognises the crisis in rural India, but allocations do not match the talk

What works for women at work

The ministry of labour is to require all establishments with 30 women workers or 50 total workers to provide crèche facilities for their employees, either at the premises or within half a kilometre.

Unhappy European Marriage

The ideal of a united continent is demolished, the reality of the project is laid bare