Jayanta Ghosal

The writer is a senior Delhi-based journalist.

Articles By Jayanta Ghosal

At Didi rallies, Sanskrit chants, Ma Durga and ‘ulu dhwani’

Women and children at Banerjee’s Bankura rally blow conches and do the ‘ulu dhwani’. Banerjee has also been reciting the Chandi Paath at such events.

Mamata Banerjee interview: ‘Hinduism is very liberal… They made Jai Shri Ram a political slogan, but Ram does not just belong to BJP’

Mamata Banerjee interview: Fighting one of the most decisive elections of her career, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee admits that the failure of the Left and Congress are behind the ascendance of the BJP.

BJP surge, but why Didi hard to dislodge

Many Left-liberal intellectuals are not willing to accept this silent change towards the BJP. It has been argued that the CPM didn’t preach atheism. But the ideological position of a Communist can’t be anything but that of an atheist.

Bengal, long known as the state of Marxists-radicals, is gradually accepting BJP

Hindu chauvinism, long dormant in Bengal, is coming to the fore. The BJP’s central leadership has understood and leveraged this change in Bengal’s political DNA.