Jaya Jaitly

The writer is former president of the Samata Party.

Articles By Jaya Jaitly

She set an example

We need more women leaders like Sushma Swaraj

Khan Market gang’s blinkers couldn’t spot the India which sees dynasts as obstruction to its dreams

Narendra Modi, who exclusively controlled the discourse during campaigning both in 2014 and 2019, cleverly ensured that aspiration and entitlement for the voter, particularly the youth, came wrapped in contempt for entitled dynasts.

No is a complete sentence

But sexual predators don’t get it. Because they draw on deep reservoirs of misogyny.

Jobs, lost and found

There is a basket of livelihoods and knowledge, guided by culture, which fulfils all that government means when it says “jobs”.

Too Early to Say Sari

Anushka Sharma's Sabyasachi Banarasi at her Delhi reception started a conversation around the heritage weave. But the weavers have little reason to rejoice.

Taxing the artisan

The voice of craftspeople must not be silenced in the transition to GST

A Very Special Woman

A collection of writings offers a rare insight into the life of one of India’s most eminent but little remembered public activists

Suspicion And Red Tape

The government needs to distinguish between crooked NGOs and genuine ones.

No demotion for Smriti Irani

Her detractors don’t see the obvious: The textiles sector can benefit enormously from her affinity for action.

The unnoticed agreement

Prime Minister Modi’s Iran trip also yielded a significant cultural pact

No scam called ‘coffingate’

Gossip, half-facts and some fiction cannot masquerade as history.

Danger looms

Removing sari from handlooms reservation act would ill serve weavers and a shared heritage.

Not just rural, not just urban

Can we devise spaces in city that allow experiments like Dilli Haat to take off and endure, asks Jaya Jaitly.

And then the waters rose

Now, people of J&K praise army for their rescue and curse the media for publicising it.

Warped and weft

What Varanasi’s weavers want from their Lok Sabha representative.

Politics,not principle

Nitish Kumar should reveal the real reasons for his walkout from the NDA

Beyond one-sided ‘truths’

Salman Khurshid,like any other accused,has the right to present his side of the story

The Ramayana Melas

Examining the multiple meanings of the Ramayana is essential for an intellectual politics

A movement with no place for politics

Dear Anna,widen your team,and your horizons,or India will be the worse for it.

Where the camera can’t go

The rules governing sting operations need to be written up....