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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Jawid Laiq

The writer is a Delhi-based political correspondent

Is India Emergency Proof?
View from the newsroom
Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Emergency regime tried to intimidate ‘The Indian Express’ and failed, writes a special correspondent with the paper, 1975-78.

Dear PMji
Wed, Nov 26, 2014

In the six months of this govt, there have been reassuring declarations for India’s Muslims — and also hate speeches and incendiary acts by individuals belonging to the Sangh

Editor’s choice
Tue, Jan 20, 2004

Economic and Political Weekly’s subscription list includes policy-makers, political thinkers, economists, universities and financial in...

A foot-long reform agenda
Fri, Oct 16, 1998

While the President of the United States may lose his job for having committed perjury (and not for having committed adultery), our legal...

A perfect apparatchik at home
Wed, Dec 03, 1997

Both are tubby figures. Both are seemingly committed to fighting those who repress vast sections of the Indian people. There the similariti...

Nurturing hate in Mumbai
Tue, Jul 22, 1997

Bombay, that grand cosmopolitan city by the sea, is regressing into Mumbai, a petty collection of squabbling sectarian ghettoes. The angry ...

We get the cops we deserve
Sat, May 17, 1997

Among established democracies why do we have some of the most brutish and bumbling cops in the world? The usual excuses trotted out by seni...