Javed Anand

The writer is general secretary, Muslims for Secular Democracy, and co-editor, ‘Communalism Combat’

Articles By Javed Anand

Courts of injustice

Alternative legal redress systems are needed and welcome. But, as debate in the UK has shown, sharia councils are the preserves of clerics who are intolerant of women’s equality and rights.

For and against

Those opposing Jinnah’s portrait share an ideological heritage with him: An exclusive idea of nationhood.

Liberals in majoritarian times

Liberal democrats owe it to themselves to choose their words and fora responsibly.

Adding law to injury

New law criminalising triple talaq may not be in best interests of Muslim women. Solution lies elsewhere

Saudis on the move

But it is not yet clear if the headline-grabbing decrees will add up to reform or mirage

The Big Lies

US conservatives made Trump denounce hate. RSS can learn from them

Islam’s reform: Way to go

Can passages of the Quran be cherry-picked — to embrace what is appealing and to skirt around what is not ? That is the question

Some personal questions

Need to ask, on sidelines of triple talaq debate: Is polygamy constitutionally valid? Is it un-Quranic?

Battles in the basti

Muslim women opposing triple talaq, polygamy face attack, but are fighting back.

Islam, ours and theirs

SC stand on triple talaq remains to be seen. But male monopoly over reading of Islam is under serious challenge.

Haji Ali will be reference point for similar cases involving rights of Muslim women

Bombay HC’s verdict upholding the constitutional right of women to enter the sanctum sanctorum of Haji Ali dargah could serve as a “get real” signal to the custodians of Indian Islam.

Peddling A Gateway Drug

Across the Muslim world, Zakir Naik promotes religious prejudice, if not hatred.

Fear or forgiveness?

Bandukwala dithers. But for many 2002 survivors, the issue is: No justice, no peace.

We must resist attempts to communalise Shani Shingnapur, Haji Ali dargah issues

Those committed to gender parity are hoping for early verdicts from the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court

Forget Hindu, Muslim

Let’s talk state responsibility for the lynching at Dadri. PM’s response skirts the issue

A new resolve for the New Year

No doubt the killers must have prayed prior to the carnage beginning with the words, “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim".

Islam for peace, or violence?

Religion doesn’t need reform, its followers do.

The choice,the bottomline

Madani's outburst against the Congress and ‘secular’ forces articulates growing Muslim frustration. But there is limited room for manoeuvre.

Justice,not apology

The middle class seems to think saying sorry is enough to move on from gross violations.

A package deal

If you love Modi,you must love his parivar too