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Jaskiran Kapoor is a columnist with The Indian Express.

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‘It’s (Battle of Saragarhi) a proud, brave and inspirational chapter of our history, one most of India knows little about’

For both Anurag Singh and Akshay Kumar, the daunting challenge was action, for which Mad Max Fury Road’s stunt coordinator Lawrence Woodward and Parvez Sheikh were roped in. I

Kanak Champa is also popular as the ‘dinner plate tree’ in Punjab, and here’s why

The leaves’ lovely double shade - a dark green face contrasted with a light green back, cover the arm and length of the tree.

On the popularity chart: The Poplar has immense commercial and environmental value

Populus nigra is a genus of 25 to 35 species of deciduous flowering plants from the Salicaceae family

‘What I loved about him was his encouragement of other artistes, he had no airs or ego, just pure love for the art’

He did such a fantastic job that audiences asked us who this actor was who played Tulsi. He had such a deep and clear understanding of a character.

Lucky Gold: This New Year, tangerines come with the promise of happiness and prosperity

Citrus tangerina are a type of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), and belong to the Rutaceae family. Apparently, the name comes from Tangier, Morocco.

‘Indie filmmaking won’t make you rich but happier if you are creative’

Independent filmmaker Sandeep Mohan on his latest him Shreelancer, creative freedom and The Great Indian Travelling Cinema initiative

Reformer Sri M on the value of trees, alliance with nature

The initiative also falls under Sri’s Manav Ekta Mission of promoting sustainable living by encouraging the planting of trees, inspiring harmony with nature to energise eco-systems and reducing carbon footprints

On fertile ground: The Putranjiva, or ‘child life’ tree in Chandigarh

Apparently, the tree was suggestive of helping in giving birth to a son, according to media reports.

Chandigarh: Carol all the Way, in Punjabi

Musicians in the region are rendering an upbeat Punjabi touch to the traditional Christmas carol.

A Competitive Edge: Two education start-ups are gaining ground among students

WHEN they started working on it, their vision was to create a positive impact on the world. For education start-up Gradeup, its young founders — Shobhit Bhatnagar, Vibhu Bhushan and Sanjeev Kumar — saw ‘education as the most fundamental way of empowering people’. “With the rise of mobile phones and internet technology, we realised that […]

Daily show of Punjabi movie in multiplexes must, says CM Parkash Singh Badal

It was in July this year that entertainment tax on Punjabi movies was withdrawn.

The jolly good juniper, for the season of hope and merriment

The juniper ranges from specimens with a columnar look to long tailing branches to evergreen trees with needle-like or scale-like leaves, berries or cones.

The jolly good juniper, for the season of hope and merriment

The highest forest cover of junipers is in south-eastern Tibet and the northern Himalayas, at 16,000 feet.

Writer-director Amitoj Mann’s upcoming Punjabi film is a satire on self-styled godmen

A comedy portraying the antics of three brothers who get involved in a situation which exposes the truth of godmen in Punjab, the film releases this December 30 and has been written by Mann and Waquas Qureshi.

The banana tree is prayed to for happiness, growth and regeneration

Mostly seen in residential areas, the interesting fact about the banana tree is that this tall plant is actually a herbaceous plant that is also a fruit.

Delightful hues of the Golden Bottle Brush

This season, it’s the Golden Bottle Brush that is in bloom, or shall we say, its leaves are shining in the sun.

Why the humble Harad is the ‘king of medicinal plants’

Called Abhya, Pathya and Haritaki in Sanskrit, Terminalia chebula or the Black Myrobalan from the Combretaceae family occupies a rather important seat in the ayurvedic pharmacopoeia

Learning disability remedial centre set up to help special kids of Tricity, eliminate ‘hidden handicap’ 

The centre will be run by two trained educators who are themselves parents to special children and have years of experience in remedial techniques and counselling of students.

The Black Prince: An evergreen ‘force’ that can purify the air

As for growing and cultivating the tree, it is excellent as a houseplant because of its “superpower” of purifying the air.

In the PINK of Health: Look to be real & situational, something I have learnt from Satyajit Ray’s cinema, says Shoojit Sircar

Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, penned by Ritesh Shah and produced by Sircar, Pink stirred a national conscience and transformed into a talking point — something that every Shoojit Sircar film manages to achieve.