Jaithirth Rao

Jaithirth Rao, popularly known as Jerry Rao, is an Indian businessman and entrepreneur based in Mumbai. Founder and former CEO of software company MphasiS, he is at present Executive Chairman of Value and Budget Housing Corporation.

Articles By Jaithirth Rao

An American master

Pulitzer-winner Vijay Seshadri is a worthy intellectual and artistic descendant of Melville.

Sanitation, a pipe dream

We can easily build toilets. The problem is that our system does not allow for easy operation and usage.

Minimum government, maximum risks

Tough decisions made by Modi in Year 1 will pay off handsomely in Year 5.

Tsar Vladimir and the Russian renaissance

By 2114, Putin will have joined the ranks of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Tsar Peter the Great and Tsarina Catherine the Great

How they killed our factories

The government of India, it seems, has decided that factories must not be allowed to come up or to run.

Vilakkudi Days

A charming memoir shines a light on contemporary India.

Letter to an Indian nanny in New York

In return for a Green Card,all you have to do is provide evidence against your prominent employer.

Respected pradhan mantriji

A letter Rahul Gandhi didn't write to Manmohan Singh but could have.

Welfare haves and have-nots

The government seems determined to create a de-industrialised moonscape across India

Poor,powerless police

Can we agree to vote only for parties that promise to implement the police reforms?

A quiet hero

Viren Shah disproved the view that wealthy business leaders like to flirt with authoritarianism

Educator par excellence

For Shirin Darasha,school was a democratic republic of talent

The Regulation Raj

Our approach seems to be,‘Have problem,do a quick-fix’. We need to learn that ill-conceived fiscal fixes will not work

Prose by Another Name Wouldn’t Read the Same

Christopher Hitchens died a few months ago. Lovers of English prose were dealt a serious blow.

Unpredictable business

Attacking tax havens is a cover to introduce the draconian GAAR

Letter from the Beyond

Rajendra Prasad and Ambedkar on retrospective changes to laws

From the Philippines,with gratitude

India’s arbitrary policy environment has shifted IT and BPO jobs out of here,to more reasonable regimes

Back to school for Norway?

Telenor executives and social services officials,for starters,could do with some elementary lessons

Apocalypse is Nigh

Like the professional pessimists of the 1930s,Jeffrey Sachs prescribes central planning to tide over the crisis

The irony mask

Cho Ramaswamy’s play ‘Saraswatiyin Shapatam’ is a caustic comment on our passivity and denial