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The brave new world to expect with the new race to the moon

The moon is the unexplored seventh continent, a blank slate on which nations now race to write their destiny.

Fire in Heaven

The next battle for global power will play out in space. What do our myths and stories suggest about the possible future?

A plan-less drift through Hamburg reveals its greatest pleasures

A plan-less drift through Hamburg reveals the stamp of nautical history on its streetscape.

The humour and astonishing inventiveness of Brian Aldiss’s fiction

Aldiss, who passed away last fortnight, one day after his 92nd birthday, was one of the titans of science fiction. This sweltering future Earth was set out in his novel Hothouse, published in 1962.

It’s All Over. Beam Me Up, Scotty

Why science fiction, once a shining literature of hope, now slouches towards apocalypse.

Travels Through Light and Darkness

Travel doesn’t widen our horizons. it merely confirms them. We were there, and we have the pictures to prove it.

How Asterix, Archie and Tintin whetted our appetite for roast wild boar, burgers and ‘Szlaszeck with mushrooms’

Looking back at our first encounters with food different from ours that, more often than not, came from comic books.

Bond Appetit: Dining with 007

His ideal woman was “somebody who can make Sauce Béarnaise as well as love”, and he liked his scrambled eggs served with “pink champagne and low music”. Jaideep Unudurti pores through Ian Fleming to discover the foodie behind the spy.

On a Bus to Bharat: A wife-husband team take off on a wanderjahr

A wife-husband couple take off on a wanderjahr. The book is worth the journey.

The same spectacle

When the language of cinema is only the language of finance.

The trash talk gambit

As Anand and Carlsen face off for the World Chess Championship, mindgames are part of play.

Nobody ever dies

In their storytelling, comic book movies have become like comic books themselves.

Heads in the Pictures

Hop aboard with the unseeing Indian traveller.


A year in which Viswanathan Anand played some of the best chess of his career,and yet lost a crown

The Secret History of Munich

In a city where the Nazi party took root,the past and present exist in an alchemical combination

Terror of nothing

In ‘Gravity’,space is as beautiful as it is harrowing.

Of monsters and men

Matheson tapped some deep vein where the fears of the 20th century gathered

Fantasies of unmaking

This season’s summer blockbusters tap into our addiction to apocalypse

Logic Served Cold

Wanderings through the capital of Norse mythology and Weberian reasoning.

Chance Encounters

You don’t buy books at the old bookstores of London,instead you find The Book and it finds you