Inder Malhotra

The writer was a Delhi-based political commentator. He passed away on June 11, 2016.

Articles By Inder Malhotra

Rear view: Difficulty of coming together

Sheikh Abdullah saw it as the best solution to the Kashmir issue, but Field Marshal Ayub Khan didn’t

National Herald’s decline began long before the time of Sonia Gandhi

The newspaper’s troubled run and end had little in common with its glorious start

How a book was banned

And a personal email from Salman Rushdie to Rajiv Gandhi was ‘filed’ away.

Rear view by Inder Malhotra: Preamble to a 2015 debate

How ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ came to be in the Constitution, and why they remain part of it.

Rear View: At the ballot, all too often

With five states polling soon, the great Indian election is set to continue without recess.

Bihar polls: Reservations an effort to polarise India’s pluralistic society

It can now be said: divisive politics dominated the Bihar campaign.

Rear View: Judges versus politicians

This is how it all began, on February 27, 1967.

Daughter of the soil

In 1999, three members of the Congress did the BJP’s work for it by raising the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s ‘foreign origins’.

Rear View: How Sonia took over Congress

Sonia declared that she would canvass for the Congress in the parliamentary polls due in March 1998, even though she had tersely refused to do so two years earlier.

That Elusive Seat

India’s quest for a place at the world’s high table continues, with no end in sight.

Rear view: After Rajiv, before Sonia Gandhi

The seven years between his assassination and her becoming Congress president were crucial

Circus of sycophancy

After Sonia Gandhi’s refusal to become PM, the Congress put up an embarrassing show.

Onion Stories

The fortunes of politicians have long been entwined with this vegetable.

Rear View: When India did not shine

The BJP — and the Congress — were caught off-guard by Vajpayee’s defeat in 2004.

Rear View: To the brink and back

Vajpayee tirelessly sought to improve relations with Pakistan, despite setbacks.

Rear View: Presidential tales

Regrettably, neither before nor after has pre-poll canvassing been so sordid as in 1969, incidentally the Mahatma’s birth centenary year.

Coffingate, corruption and an escape

The Vajpayee years saw their share of scandal — but there were victories too, such as the decision not to send troops to Iraq.

Foreign minister’s mis-steps

Sushma Swaraj short-circuited due process for Lalit Modi'

Rear View: The sudden war

India was surprised at Kargil. But its lessons may still be unlearnt

Rear View: And she didn’t have 272

Sonia was unable to attract allies, cobble together the numbers to form government. Vajpayee’s stint as caretaker prime minister sealed the outcome of the next election.