Haseeb A Drabu

The writer is the former finance minister of J&K

Articles By Haseeb A Drabu

Without Article 370, questions may have arisen about definition of J&K territory and India’s claim to POK

While the Constitution explicitly provides for expansion, “such other territories as may be acquired”, there is no provision for Parliament to reduce the territory of India. Yet that is precisely what the Constitution Order 2019 has done. This in itself is a sufficient ground for it to be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Suspension of J&K LoC trade is a regressive step and a lost opportunity

The essence of LoC trade was to extend the familial and social interconnectedness into the arena of business and commerce. To start with, this trade was meant to result in interaction between people and help build partnerships across the two parts of J&K.

If Article 35A is expended it will impinge on basic tenets of constitutional interpretation

It became law through a constitutional process. Its repeal will be a blow to federal India

Militancy, not militants

The incentive system and reward scheme for killing militants in Kashmir must be scrapped and a holistic surrender and rehabilitation policy needs to be put in place.

Friction is good

But RBI-government relationship needs to be managed in a changed macroeconomic policy regime.