Harsh Mander

Mander is a human rights worker and writer

Articles By Harsh Mander

The spectre of foreignness

Extending the concept of foreigners tribunals from Assam to rest of India will result in an upheaval that will stir memories of Partition.

Over five years, BJP has consistently sought to marginalise Muslims

The 2014 general elections were crafted by the BJP to render India’s Muslims politically irrelevant by welding disadvantaged Hindu castes with privileged  castes— and in India’s Northeast even with Christians — against the constructed common enemy, India’s Muslims.

Why income transfers are not enough

An urban employment guarantee programme is an idea whose time has come.

No shortcuts to income guarantee

Rahul Gandhi’s proposed scheme will do more harm than good if it comes at the cost of existing subsidies for the poor.

People no country wants

Assam is sitting on a volcano of suffering and conflict. On test is the mettle of India’s democracy.

Speak up, act

Strategic silences won’t help Congress lead the idea of India towards safer shores.

The uncaring state

In Jharkhand, over the past year, the police rarely reached out to protect or support victims of the lynch mobs.

The mob that hates

A law for lynching isn’t enough. It recurs due to climate of impunity, political encouragement.

Returning to Hapur

Hatred against minorities is rising across the world. But India offers an exceptional impunity for bigotry.

Terms of forgiveness

Individuals like Mariam Khatoon, Yashpal Saxena and Imam Rashidi show the way to a more humane society

Pehlu Khan, one year later

His family has found no justice, his community is still under siege

Our threatened humanity

Harsh Mander: India has never been as divided since Partition, and new partitions are being constructed each day in our hearts.

Sonia, sadly

Sonia Gandhi's fear that the Congress is being perceived as a Muslim party completes the community’s abandonment

A crime of hate, a journey of love

In the wake of Afrazul’s murder, revisiting the fear that lingers for those who, like him, travelled far away from their homes to provide for loved ones.

It’s not about one Ram temple

The campaign to demolish the Babri Masjid had a sub-text: Muslims should know their place, that of second-class citizens.

Through a caravan, darkly

In its journey to the sites of lynchings across states, the Karwan-e-Mohabbat found a stark waning of compassion and solidarity

Usman Ansari, like Mohammad Akhlaq

Across the country, chilling replays of Dadri. And a long way to go before love or justice can prevail.

An antidote to hate

India has witnessed hate attacks in the past. What is new is the frequency and the normalisation of this lynching, in a growing aggressively majoritarian political and social environment.

Junaid, my son

So was he to those who travelled with him on the train that day. Yet they left him to die

Depriving JNU

More, not less, public money must be spent on inclusive education that encourages independent thinking