Harbans Mukhia

The writer taught history at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Articles By Harbans Mukhia

Babur and the Masjid: First reference to Ram temple in Ayodhya comes as late as 1822

Mir Baqi, Babur’s noble, affirms in this verse that the mosque (“the alighting place of angels”) was constructed by him under the express command of his master, the emperor. But he makes no mention of a temple, much less a Ram temple, having been made to yield the place for it. Babur himself makes no mention of either the mosque or of his command to the Mir.

Unlike 2014, the BJP isn’t setting the agenda this election. Congress has seized the initiative

The conspicuous absence of euphoria is now matched by the equally conspicuous absence of any reference to sab ka saath or sab ka vikas in the BJP's current campaign. It gets highlighted in the face of the Opposition’s centring of farmers’ distress, joblessness.

Fluid faith, medieval time

People converted to other religions for reasons that were independent of the coercive powers of the state

Break the mould, end the siege

The stereotype of a single Muslim identity has been exploited by the ‘secular’ parties and the communalist parivar. It needs to be broken to achieve genuine social transformation.

Stories of a Rajput queen

The Padmavati story, like many others, has undergone several mutations. Ramya Sreenivasan has traced the wide circulation and mutation of the story from North India and Rajasthan to Bengal from the 16th to the 20th century in her magnificent book, The Many Lives of a Rajput Queen.

The violence of certainty

Absolutist ideas of Truth have been responsible for religious and political violence throughout history

The pseudo alternative

The Sangh Parivar has furthered the colonial understanding of India’s past.

What’s Left?

CPM must connect with the future. It will need hard rethinking, even harder ground work.

Left, right, AAP

Not class struggle but enlarging the public space within existing structures.

Waking the Higher Ed Elephant

The enormous significance of the Nehruvian vision for higher education in India is now coming home to us,as India earns...