Hamid Mir

The writer is executive editor of Geo TV, Pakistan

Articles By Hamid Mir

Like Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan on a sticky wicket over allegations against Pak army

Nawaz Sharif has taken to calling Imran a “ladla,” a pet, and we all know what institution he is alluding to.

Malala’s brief return to Pakistan is a big defeat for terrorism

But here is the bitter truth : The fans and followers of the world’s youngest and Pakistan’s only woman Nobel Peace Prize winner celebrated her homecoming only on Twitter, not on the streets.

Death of Asia’s Joan of Arc

Asma Jahangir was not an agent of any State. She was the agent of the poor and helpless masses

‘Musharraf was my assassin, Benazir told me’

Today, ten years after Benazir Bhutto's untimely death, no one seems interested in proceeding against the man who abrogated the Pakistan Constitution twice.

The woman who saved Imran Khan from becoming a political has-been

The courts are running Pakistan these days, disbarring some politicians and letting off others.

Dina Wadia was highly respected in dad Jinnah’s Pakistan

Dina Wadia wrote a letter to Indian prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in 2007, in which she said, “It is now almost 60 years since my father’s death and I have been deprived of my house where I grew up and lived until I married. I request you return it to me”.

Was India’s refusal to play cricket with Pakistan a self-goal ?

Many Pakistanis believe that the presence of international players is, really, a defeat not only for the BCCI or the Narendra Modi government which has laid down the very tough condition of an end to terrorism before any people-to-people ties can be resumed, but also for the people of India

I know who is behind my death

Gauri Lankesh received three bullets in her body and died. I got seven bullets, but survived. I know I'm really lucky to be alive. Gauri's terrible death made me search for other similarities -- perhaps, I want her friends and family, my readers, anyone, someone, to know that I understand the pain and the grief and the anger, all twisted into one emotion, that follows when Death comes calling.

Benazir Bhutto murdered again after 10 years

Musharraf was allowed to leave Pakistan again in 2016 by the Nawaz Sharif government and the PPP remained silent. The anti-terror court summoned Musharraf many times to appear but he never appeared

Missing since 1947

70 years of Partition: It took me many years to understand why my mother had been crying that night in 1971. She had heard stories of killings and kidnappings in the former East Pakistan, which had triggered that awful memory she had tried to repress ever since she was a child

The baton in Pakistan passes from Nawaz Sharif to Shahbaz

Soon after Kargil and just before the1999 coup, Pervez Musharraf praised Shahbaz Sharif again and again and said “(He) is very intelligent and hardworking, he should move to Islamabad as Foreign Minister.”

A story of love and hate between the CIA and ISI

The release of CIA operator Raymond Davis’ book on how and why he killed three Pakistani men in 2011 comes at a time when the US is asking Pakistan to “do more” in Afghanistan

By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir?

The US terrorist declaration against Salahuddin is a diplomatic win for India. But it will not create any problems for Pir sahib. He isn’t interested in visiting the US or having assets there

It’s Cricket, not War

Imagine an Indian cricket team playing a match in Lahore. Imagine India winning a match in Karachi. India may or may not defeat Pakistan. But India will defeat its fear of terrorism.

A pressing case for freedom

Media faces severe fire in many countries. Protecting those who question power is vital

The Pathankot beginning

If Indian and Pakistani leaders pass this test, they can go much further

A day in the fight for the right to know

An attempt on my life last year in Pakistan made me a hero for a powerless majority.

Turning point Peshawar?

Today, the world stands with Pakistan. This is its moment to change.

Forty-three years of denial

Imran Khan had to reschedule his plan to shut down Pakistan on December 16.

The Afghan peace prize

Pakistan and India need to acknowledge their shared stakes in peace in Afghanistan.