Gulzar Natarajan

The writer is an IAS officer, batch of 1999, and a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School, US. Views are personal

Articles By Gulzar Natarajan

Changing chalta hai 

Indian Administrative Services can lead the charge. If it reinvents itself, its effects will ripple through the system, galvanise change.

Generalist vs specialist

A nuanced process of active but careful cadre management should inform lateral entry into IAS

The case for lateral entry

There should be a system of annual recruitment into the IAS of mid-career professionals from diverse sectors

Lateral entry, blind alley

Far from infusing energy, it could further enfeeble the bureaucracy.

Putting the ‘universal’ in healthcare

India needs prudent compromises to achieve its health coverage goals.

A distorted landscape

Land markets are skewed by policies that urgently require correction.

Make in India essentials

We need bang-for-buck reform to loosen the binding constraints on manufacturing.

Why Delhi needs to step back

Most of the dynamism of the Indian economy comes from its states. They must be given more room to chart their growth trajectories

City needs a plan

Nothing less than a paradigm shift in urban governance will do

A little bit of handholding

Government must create a more welcoming climate for small businesses.

Figuring out distribution

We need to debate how we define access to opportunities

The capable state

No magic pill solution or quick fix can make up for basic administrative deficiencies