Gopal Krishna Agarwal

The writer is national spokesperson, BJP

Articles By Gopal Krishna Agarwal

Road to $5 trillion 

It is not redistribution but growth that matters. We have to increase the size of the cake.

In its attack on Modi government, the Opposition has failed to distinguish between political executive and independent institutions

Undermining the vital institutions of the country might give them short-term political returns but would be disastrous in the long run for each one of us. Some things must be left out of everyday petty politics.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Rafale deal is based on lies

The Congress and its sympathisers have failed to come up with any proof that could implicate the government.

Why government must spend more

Private consumption, investment demands must rise. Cash transfers, lower income tax slabs, greater liquidity in financial sector will boost growth.

New labour for new India

Union government has done much to move the workforce into the formal sector

Vote-banks and foreigners

Congress’ stand on NRC reeks of its communal and opportunistic politics.

Fuel for development

Revenue from Centre’s taxes on petroleum products goes to states, welfare programmes.

At ease with the world

Under PM Modi, a new synergy between India’s economic and foreign policy.