G S Bajpai

G S Bajpai is professor and chairperson, Centre for Criminology and Victimology, National Law University, Delhi.

Articles By G S Bajpai

Justice that heals

Why cases under POCSO law should deploy restorative justice

Acquittal of accused in Samjhauta Express case underlines need for cadre of professional prosecutors

The prosecuting agency is one of the most underrated institutions in the country, despite its crucial role. It is beset by a few fundamental problems.

What witnesses really need

Witness Protection Scheme does not recognise the many pressures on them.

Gender of justice

Gender sensitisation of the judiciary and appointing more female judges is imperative.

The law of happiness

Nations that ensure the rule of law are also home to happy people. Policy-making must strive for the larger satisfaction of the people with public institutions they have to regularly approach