G Pramod Kumar

The author is a former journalist and UNDP Senior Adviser in Asia Pacificl who is presently a writer based out of Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.

Articles By G Pramod Kumar

Sharad Pawar and Bhupinder Hooda should inspire Congress, also lead it beyond the dynasty

These election results must be a late wake-up call for the Congress that seemed to have given up without a fight after its decimation in the recent Parliament elections.

Why Tamil Nadu will again offer maximum pushback to Hindi

In a culturally autonomous Tamil Nadu, Hindi and Sanskrit are not some languages, but inter-changeable metaphors of north Indian domination and that’s precisely why it instantly unites people across party-lines, including those who ally with the BJP from time to time.

Kerala floods: Why people are showing signs of ‘donor fatigue’ and why it’s time for government to introspect

Following the last floods, when people contributed all they have, has Kerala government conserved its own resources, which are obviously paid for by the people as taxes, and spent them wisely?

What the CPM can learn from the Congress’s spectacular victory in Kerala

Only once in Kerala’s political history has the Congress and its allies have done better - in the post-emergency elections in 1977 when it won all the 20 seats.

Away from Chennai’s margazhi season, Carnatic music finds a welcome home in Kerala’s temples

If on a winter’s night, a raga: Even before the sound of the procession recedes, Subrahmanyan begins to sing a varnam, the customary introductory piece in a Carnatic concert.

Why lone rangers Kamal Haasan and Dhinakaran are the side story in Tamil Nadu

While the main story is about alliances and how their synergies amplify chances of electoral success, there’s a side story too: It’s about two emerging and charismatic leaders being stranded. This story is about Kamal Haasan and TTV Dhinakaran. Both of them will be contesting alone.

Kumbalangi Nights movie review: A new breakthrough in Malayalam cinema

Kumbalangi Nights movie review: The movie is primarily about three young men and their school-going brother living a pathetic life in an incomplete hut in a small island near Kumbalangi on the Western coast of the state, which otherwise looks breathtaking.

Sarvam Thaala Mayam: This Rajiv Menon-AR Rahman musical plays up politics of Carnatic music

Here, Rajiv Menon is dealing with an extremely tricky subject, but has pulled it off remarkably well. Sarvam Thaala Mayam also looks like a dedication to the limitless forms of percussion in India and a vivid expression of unity in diversity.

Why Rahul Gandhi was right in his criticism of Kerala’s health sector

There are multiple studies that show a very high share of household income -- particularly among the poor -- going to medical expenditure, which also leads to catastrophic expenses.

After Kaala, Rajinikanth’s Petta too has a political message that was hard to miss

Beneath the entertaining surface, Petta’s storyline too is intensely political and here too, besides their villainy, the antagonists embody majoritarian politics.

Mahagatbandhan easier at macro level than on ground; here’s why

Political observers are justifiably cynical, because once again the uniting common minimum programme is a menacing rival who they find as a threat to Indian democracy and constitution. 

The Magic of Margazhi: Five musicians on their experiences this year

For music lovers and musicians, Margazhi in Chennai is magical. It features about 2000 classical concerts by all types of singers, instrumentalists and percussionists - ranging from veterans to young aspirants.

The Kunnakkudi M. Balamurali Krishna Interview: ‘Most of my music happens in my mind’

In the third edition of the Indian Express Margazhi special, we feature Chennai-based carnatic musician Kunnakkudi M. Balamurali Krishna

The Brindha Manickavasakan Interview: ‘Involved singing is an uplifting magical experience’

In the third edition of The Indian Express Margazhi special, we feature Chennai-based carnatic musician Brindha Manickavasakan.

The Saketharaman interview: ‘Bhava is very important in music. My ultimate goal is spiritual’

Known for his virtuosity and classicism, Saketharaman is an innovator who finds immense possibilities within the grammar and framework of Carnatic music.

The Sanjay Subrahmanyan interview: ‘When I am on the stage I am on a high. It’s worse than any other form of addiction’

Sanjay as a music icon is not an overnight sensation, but a rare gem that emerged through more than three decades of relentless pursuit of classical music. By his own admission, he is a purist, but he is also an innovator and unsung reformer par excellence.

Will Sabarimala rewrite the Kerala secular story?

The BJP’s only chance for any upward mobility from its present stagnation in Kerala is by gaining the support of more Hindu votes and the Sabarimala agitation offers a tailor-made opportunity to whip up communal passion.

Sabarimala verdict: How BJP, Congress and Left are all cashing in on judgment

It’s strange that in a state which boasts of 100 per cent literacy, the final adjudication by the topmost court in the country, which in effect is the new law, is considered a contestable issue.

Can new IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath make the global moneylender less exploitative?

Gita Gopinanth’s technical skills may be useful to furtherance of capital markets and macro economic policies, but they don’t seem to be of value to real life economics in countries like India

Month after flood, is Kerala struggling with reconstruction, raising money?

Kerala floods: After the initial success in rescue and relief in which civil society played a critical role, the government doesn’t seem to have gained the required momentum or followed an optimal strategy.