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Set the Stage on Fire

How filmmakers have plotted their versions of the Indrani Mukerjea case.

Samar of Discontent: Being Hanuman

Can two superheroes co-exist or will one have to necessarily annihilate the other this weekend?

Samar of Discontent: The joys of flying

How “tedious” it is to travel through the clean, polite skies outside India.

Samar of discontent: Twisted Sobriety

There has to be stricter laws and accountability for drunken driving.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Piku’s success says it all – Script is the real king

The recent success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Piku has proved that the script is the most crucial component of a film.

What’s in a Name? Hits and misses of the naming game

Hits & misses of the naming game

Samar of discontent: Speaking up Against Abuse

It takes enormous courage and fortitude to make public your private pain.

Samar of Discontent: Party Animals

On the menu are gatecrashers, entitled wannabes and cause celebrities

Samar of Discontent: Bonding over Biryani

How fine cuisine create bonds between diverse cultures

When lensmen took to the red carpet and pouted

Lensmen have their day in the limelight

Samar of Discontent: Virulent Videos

Video clips floating on the web serve many a purpose — vendetta, vindication or just vicarious thrill.

Samar of Discontent: Censors and Public Censure

It’s heartening that PK is breaking box-office records in the face of controversy, but cultural terrorism must stop.

Excise sops for cars, consumer durables to end in the new year

New Year celebrations for carmakers will be muted this year, and car buyers will also find their wallets lighter...

Samar of Discontent: Dekh Tamasha Dekh

The perils of being a film critic in the midst of mediocrity and mayhem.

Summer of discontent: Red Carpet Theatrics

The social order at big ticket soirees

Kiss and Make-up

With the ban lifted, male make-up artists should welcome women into the fold for healthy competition.

Political Correctitude

It’s time we paid attention to the racist terms we use daily

Samar of Discontent: Holiday Fervour

Festivals are the badge we wear to enter the privileged space of extended weekends

Marital Jihad

The new secular India is all about living and letting other people live.