Dr Rakesh Sinha

The writer is associate professor, Delhi University and honorary director, India Policy Foundation

Articles By Dr Rakesh Sinha

Understand the RSS

Its critics want to deny space to the RSS. The Sangh wants to engage with all shades of political opinion and intellectuals and revive the tradition of debate.

Hedgewar, for posterity

Dialogue with those he disagreed with, struggle for free India, marked his political life.

Mis-reading archbishop’s letter

Anti-RSSism must not obscure that it is part of an organised smear campaign

Category confusions

Four dominant narratives about the nature of the RSS run parallel to each other. Most do not understand the organisation’s ethos.

False narrative

Psuedo-secular intelligentsia has fractured the concept of Indian citizenship, kept Muslims in an impermeable silo of insecurity.

Hindutva and its naysayers

Rise of ‘left-liberals’, and their blind antipathy to the RSS, shines the light on the crisis in the communist and socialist parties

Prisoner of the binary

By calling cultural nationalism illiberal, Hamid Ansari panders to western notion of nationhood.

New President for new India

Opposition and its intellectuals are losing gravity. So the contest for Rashtrapati Bhavan is a battle of ideologies, it should be won by a person who embraces the task of decolonising the Indian mind.

Urjit Patel has not understood the index of rural distress

Unfortunately, Governor Urjit Patel of the Reserve Bank of India has not been able to understand the index of distress of farmers, when he demonstrated the negative impact on the economy due to farm loan waivers.

Not an imagined community

Hindu Rashtra is not a religious or political objective, but a way to define and aspire to a cultural nationalism

Of swayamsevaks and intellectuals

RSS has done exemplary social work. It’s now time for it to decolonise the Indian mind

Genesis of a vote bank

Projection of a false binary between a majoritarian theory and minority rights has made ours a dysfunctional democracy.

Segregating the saffron

RSS presence at JLF irked those who cannot accept the demolition of monolithic debate and the emergence of the dialectic of diversity

The saffron rainbow

The ideological moorings of the RSS are criticised by the Left and neoliberal Right. But its approach has always been a creative one

First economic satyagraha

The demonetisation drive aims to cleanse the ills of neoliberalism.