Dr Ashwani Kumar

The writer, a former union law minister, is a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. Views expressed are his own.

Articles By Dr Ashwani Kumar

This election, we must reject the onslaughts on freedom

While navigating our politics in these troubled times, we cannot forget the lesson of history that the majority vote does not guarantee freedom unless the majority stands up for freedom.

A nation’s moment of reckoning

The arrest of human rights activists is a test for India’s people and its institutions

Dear prime minister, we must enact

To live up to constitutional values, commitments made in international fora, India needs standalone legislation against custodial torture.

Evidence vs perception

The 2G verdict asserts inviolability of procedural justice and is a triumph for principles of fair trial.

Failing the fairness test

The legality of Manmohan's summoning order will be tested on the touchstones of our constitutional and criminal jurisprudence.