Dinesh Mohan

The writer is Volvo Chair professor emeritus, IIT-Delhi.

Articles By Dinesh Mohan

Eminence is just a tag

Centre’s decision to anoint Institutions of Eminence is not the route to academic excellence. For that, we need to provide reasonably-priced or free high-quality education from the primary level.

The long-term solution

Knee-jerk reactions can’t give us cleaner air. A slower, evidence-based approach will.

Delhi’s data deficit

The state government deems the last odd-even initiative a success but can we solve the pollution problem in the absence of reliable data?

An odd policy

The odd-even car proposal is being enforced in Delhi without any evidence or cost-benefit analysis

Take the longer, larger view

If we use the corrected number for cars, we get a statistic of eight cars per hundred persons in Delhi.