Dev Lahiri

The writer retired as principal, Welham Boys School, Dehradun

Articles By Dev Lahiri

Death of a principal

The murder in a school in Yamunanagar may have been an act of only an individual. Or it may not

Unsafe at school

The problem goes back to the way in which we view education, the hierarchy drawn of ‘educational needs’

Schools for scandal

Two questions we need to ask schools — and don’t: How good are your safety norms? How well trained are your teachers?

Failing the student

We need to ask if the school-leaver is prepared for the university — and vice versa

Crack the cocoon

Our school system does not prepare students for university. The final year of ‘Plus Two’ should be a preparation for college, not an examination.

School for the future

Education needs to be delinked from ideology and the job market.

Adrift in school

Education is confused with certification. That students survive a joyless system is a tribute to their resilience.

Teach the teacher

India needs to develop a scientific, progressive teacher-training method