Deepender Hooda

The writer is a Congress MP

Articles By Deepender Hooda

My right to clean air

I am tired of blame games. I have drafted a private member’s bill on an issue that concerns us all

Chinese dream, Indian slumber

The increasingly aggressive Chinese foreign policy is primarily driven by two factors: A build-up of nationalistic fervour in domestic politics and the Chinese economy’s hunger for new markets.

When economics catches up

Lower MSP increases, rising input costs and debt have led to the farm crisis.

Haryana in Rio

The state’s experiments in nurturing sporting talent could be an example for a country trying to get over its Olympic disappointment

The passengers are restless

... as they wait on the runway for the economic takeoff the Modi government promised but failed to deliver

Myths about UPA’s social spending

Subsidies aren’t the GDP-consuming black holes they are made out to be

Setting a record in disruption

In a role reversal,opposition,not ruling party,is unwilling to face Parliament

A wishlist for reform

For one,FDI in multibrand retail stands as a missed opportunity

It’s not just an image problem

Parliament’s output has been sliding,in terms of time,productivity and quality of legislation. Here’s how we can start turning it around