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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Deb Mukharji

Deb Mukharji is former Indian ambassador to Nepal

When Indira Gandhi decided to storm the Golden Temple
Thu, Dec 30, 2021

Civil servant BD Pande’s memoir In The Service of Free India offers an insider’s account of some of Indian politics’ defining moments, including Emergency and the events leading up to Operation Blue Star

From 1971 to now, Bangladesh’s long journey
Thu, Dec 16, 2021

🔴 Deb Mukharji writes: It leads South Asia in almost all social and economic indices. The only cloud is the state of politics, which is increasingly seen as hostile to critical voices

Indo-Bangladesh ties have deepened. But some issues remain
Mon, Mar 29, 2021

PM Modi's visit indicates that the two neighbours have evolved and are keen to discuss and remove obstacles as they appear.

Delhi needs to do more to protect and deepen ties with Dhaka
Tue, Oct 08, 2019

Looking at the balance sheet of Indo-Bangladesh relations, it would have to be acknowledged that the ledger tilts, perhaps heavily, in favour of Bangladesh.

A comprehensive account of the history of Sikkim since 1947, that lays to rest any suggestion of the forcible annexation of the state
Sun, Jun 23, 2019

Jawaharlal Nehru granted special status to Sikkim in 1947, overriding Vallabhbhai Patel and BN Rau, who equated Sikkim with other members of the Chamber of Princes.

Before Freedom Came
Sat, Dec 01, 2018

A personal, political and elegant account of the months leading up to Bangladesh’s independence

The Teesta runs through it
Sat, Apr 08, 2017

Sheikh Hasina addressed India’s security concerns with unambiguous firmness. Her visit is an opportunity to build on mutual trust.

A tightrope for Prachanda
Sat, Aug 13, 2016

Nepal’s new PM must address Madhesi aspirations and bring relations with India on even keel.

No middle ground in Dhaka
Sat, Oct 28, 2006

In the run-up to elections, the ruling party splits, opposition alliance distrusts proposed caretaker regime and controversy engulfs election commissioners